Liz Carroll
Founder Senior Moves

"It's so much more than a move of furniture and personal items for our family clients.

It's moving a lifetime of cherised keepsakes and keeping those memories intact and present.

Liz Carroll

About Senior Moves

We all know that the move from the family home to assisted living, low care hostel or a high care nursing home can be difficult, almost overwhelming.

Sorting through and organising the many years of collected possessions can be very demanding on the individual or their family carer.

Any relocation, whether just around the corner or interstate can be stressful, and at the same time trying to downsize an estate is both a physically and emotionally demanding activity.

Would you appreciate a caring and experienced senior move team to give you a level of welcomed support ?

Fortunately, we have the caring and experienced professionals who can assist with your loved one's transition.

Senior Moves Melbourne

  • We help senior members of our community to move to new accommodation.

  • We are skilled in arranging a stress free move for your loved one.

  • We offer reliable, efficient, and compassionate services.