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Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF)

Basic Daily Care Fee BDCF

What is the Basic Daily Care Fee?

  • The Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) is a fixed and mandatory fee paid by all residents in a Commonwealth regulated aged care home.
  • BDCF is indexed to the standard Commonwealth age pension, and is currently 85% of that pension amount.
  • The current value (from 20 September 2018) of BDCF is $50.66 per day.
  • The resident will pay BDCF on a monthly basis and you will be asked to pay in advance ie for the upcoming month
  • You can find the current rates of BDCF on the Residential Care Fees and Charges (September 2108)

When is the Basic Daily Care Fee applied?

  • BDCF is applied if you are a permanent or respite care resident.
  • You may also be asked to pay BDCF for pre-entry leave (up to 7 days before you actually move into the room).
  • BDCF is also applied if you are away from the aged care home on social leave (52 days are allowed per year) or if you are in hospital for a short stay before returning to the aged care home.

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