Opal Wallgrove

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Opal Wallgrove LAKEMBA 2195 Aquarius Aged Care Pty Ltd

Opal Wallgrove
35 Yerrick Road LAKEMBA 2195

Opal Wallgrove - LAKEMBA

Are you looking for respite or permanent placement at Opal Wallgrove ?
or close to LAKEMBA ?

with an accommodation payment (RAD) within your budget?

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Opal Wallgrove - Location

35 Yerrick Road , LAKEMBA , 2195, NSW

Beds: 52

Private Incorporated Body

Registered Aged Care Provider:
Aquarius Aged Care Pty Ltd

Opal Wallgrove
Access Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality Agency

RAD / DAP Combination Payment Estimator - updated 1st January 2020

Refundable Accommodation Payment (RAD) vs
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

RAD can be paid as a combination of lump sum amount and ongoing daily payment.

Select the RAD for the room:

        Total RAD: $

Use the slider to enter the lump sum payment component of the RAD payment to calculate the residual DAP to be paid.

        Lump Sum : $  


Your DAP will be: $20.20 each day

Current interest rate (MPIR) is: 4.91% pa (effective 1st January 2020)
The calculator provides an estimate only.

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