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Aged Care - This is what it should be like

Aged Care - This is what it should be like

Posted 4th October 2018

A trip down the hallway to Grandad's room revealed a wide, bright carpeted hallway that was more reminiscent of a rich university's dorm hall.

It smelled clean without a hint of urine that is sometimes a feature of these facilities (apparently there's a steam cleaner never far away for any accidents). Grandad's room was big and tidy, looking out onto a courtyard filled with sculptures and just-bloomed tulips.

My visit took place at around 9:30am - the residents in each room were dressed and out of bed.

Later, he took me to one of the many common rooms, so we could leaf through the day's newspapers and the current edition of Women's Weekly — accompanied by a cappuccino and a mocha from a nearby coffee machine and some fresh cake.

There is colourful art on every wall and two libraries filled with a book for every type of reader.

A timetable jam-packed with activities and excursions was proudly displayed in the lift that made me tired just to look at.

As we walked around the facility, there were games being played in a sunny room overlooking a garden; and there was a piano tucked away for singing later in the week.

The dining room looked as though it was from a member's club with salmon and chicken kiev on the menu.

Courtesy - Melanie Tait - a freelance writer and broadcaster.

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