Residential Care Placement

Are you still searching for residential care placement for your elderly relative? Are you overwhelmed by the process?

Finding the right care home can be a difficult and stressful for most families. Decisions usually have to be made in a limited time and your decision will affect someone very close to you.

Not all residential care solutions are the same – services and reputations vary – one aged care home may be appropriate for one family but may not be for another family with totally different requirements.

In addition, there are always changes being made to the rules and regulations and new alternatives being introduced.

Having an experienced single point of contact to coordinate the transition will help you greatly. You will benefit from having an experienced guide to properly plan; short-list the best accommodation options for you, complete all of the application paperwork, negotiate the accommodation fees, and then to liaise with the aged care home to make sure that the transition is a smooth one.

Would you like to find the timely solution which will perfectly match your family needs and ease your worries? Would you like to know how residential care financials really work?

Senior Moves has been providing independent advice and assistance with all aspects of residential care placement since 2002. This assistance is available from our recognised ced residential care specialists:

  • Ensuring that the short-listed care homes properly match your family requirements in care services, location and proximity to supportive family members, financial affordability and personal preferences.
  • Saving you time by using our direct access to a trusted network of local admission coordinators and accurate up to date vacancy registers.
  • Allowing our coordinators to arrange appointments, submit the application paperwork, financial assessment forms and complete accommodation fee (RAD) negotiation on your behalf.

Contact our friendly team today for your FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULATION to discuss your family requirements.