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Do you need to find a quality and affordable aged care home for a relative?

We have been assisting families for many years and you can use that knowledge and experience today.

  • Assisting you from start to finish with all steps in the aged care placement journey.
  • Permanent and Respite Care.
  • All financial situations including low means residents, supported residents, DVA pension recipients and full RAD paying residents.
  • Residents with dementia-related care requirements.
  • Residents with behavioural issue requirements.
  • Younger people requiring residential aged care (eg Acquired Brain Injury).
  • Making the aged care rules and processes easy for you to understand.

Free Aged Care Vacancies List

Receive a list of current aged care vacancies in your local area.

Finding the right aged care home can be difficult and stressful

Most of the times - your decisions have to be made in a limited time frame and will have a major impact on someone very close to you.

What are the steps required to achieve a successful placement outcome? How can you be sure that the chosen aged care home is the best available?

A complete understanding of the care, accommodation and lifestyle services available requires detailed research and takes time.

Placing your elderly loved one into any aged care home should never be left to chance - we can save you time, money and reduce your stress level.

Aged Care Placement

We help those who need to find a quality and affordable residential care home for their elderly relative.

We can co-ordinate and supervise every step of the placement to suit you or your loved ones needs.

We minimise the stress of moving to residential care.

We are a trusted partner with many other service providers, including many major hospitals and the RSL.

Senior Moves is an experienced independent Aged Care Placement Service operating since 2002 under the same ownership and management team.

We can reduce the accommodation fees for you.

Most families are surprised to learn that residential accommodation deposits (RAD's) and additional service fees (ASF's) can be negotiated with the aged care provider.

We have developed successful steps to reduce residential accommodation fees and additional service fees to make the accommodation and lifestyle services more affordable.

What our clients say ...

  Thanks again for your help in securing the room at Australian Unity Campbell Place. We could see the relief in Mum’s face when she arrived at her room. Once she was dressed in street wear, not hospital wear, she seemed more confident and hopefully in time most if not all of the confidence she had before she entered hospital will return.
- Ms. Andrea Lewis | November 2020  

  Thank you once again for everything. I am sleeping much better now, not having to worry about my Father's financial situation (at the aged care home) as much. What you have done is give me peace of mind that he can afford the extra ‘odd’ bill . I will be very happy to recommend your services.
- Mrs. Karen Di N. | October 2020  

  Thank you for the amazing job you've done for us. We cannot express enough what your assistance meant to us. You were a special blessing sent from heaven. Liz, I know we could never have managed without you. Our thanks and love to you both.
- Mrs Gwen and Mr Brian Newell | September 2020  

  We have just gone through the complicated process of settling my father into a room at an aged care home. Most people don't realise that the accommodation payment is totally negotiable. After being told that some families borrow money to cover the accommodation payment I searched the internet and found a business that negotiates the accommodation payment. Aged Care Homes negotiates the accommodation payment on behalf of the family and in our case the accommodation payment required was reduced to what was asked for originally, saving Dad $121,000. My understanding is they will also search and find a suitable place for your family member. I highly recommend the service. They are understanding and efficient, without being aggressive towards the facility they are dealing with. Just thought you may want the details to pass on to anyone who is going through the process of finding an aged care facility:
- Ms Kerrin Peltzer  

More Testimonials ...

Urgent Aged Care Placement

Arrange the Placement Now

We can find that aged care placement which will perfectly match your family needs

Not all aged care providers deliver the same quality level of service - services provided and reputations vary greatly over time. One aged care home may be a good choice for one family but may be inappropriate for another family, with different family requirements. Also, there are always changes being made to the rules and regulations and new care and accommodation solutions are being developed and introduced.

Having an experienced single point of contact to find the best solution and to coordinate the move will help you greatly. You will have an experienced guide to properly plan; short-list the best accommodation options for you, complete all of the application paperwork, negotiate the accommodation fees, and then to liaise with the aged care home to make sure that the transition is a smooth one.

Senior Moves has been providing independent aged care placement consulting and assistance since 2002.

Aged Care Placement Couple

This assistance is available from our recognised aged care placement consultants:

  • Ensuring that the short-listed care homes properly match your family requirements in care services, location and proximity to supportive family members, financial affordability and personal preferences.
  • Saving you time by using our direct access to a trusted network of local admission coordinators and accurate up to date vacancy registers.
  • Allowing our placement coordinators to arrange appointments, submit the application paperwork, financial assessment forms and complete the negotiation of accommodation fee (RAD) and additional services fees on your behalf.

Senior Moves was established after observing the common difficulties and stresses that families encountered when they approached the task of placing a relative into residential care.

Each new family:

  • Approached the emotional task with similar needs and concerns
  • Undertook the same activities - devoting their limited time and valuable effort
  • Only to uncover the same information and make many of the same mistakes as families that had gone before them.

There had to be a better way to complete this important activity and to achieve a positive outcome for the family.

Over the years, we have assisted many families with the move to retirement living, serviced apartments, group homes, assisted living, supported residential services and Commonwealth subsidised aged care accommodation.

We have knowledge, experience and industry contacts which can help you today. If you have any questions, or need practical assistance, for your relative please contact our friendly team for a chat.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience about relocation and placement with new clients; and being personally involved with the family during this most important time.

Aged Care Placement

Assistance with all steps required for a successful aged care placement.

Accommodation Fee Negotiation

We reduce the cost of accommodation by advocating and negotiating on your families behalf.

Relocation Management

Assistance with the dispersal of household items to family members, charities and removal prior to the sale or rental of the family home.

Covid-19 in Residential Care

Visitor Entry Rules

Avoid the mistakes and traps for new players ...

Senior Moves have detailed knowledge and experience in residential care placement and can make sure that you receive accurate and unbiased information.

While we have trusted and respected relationships with many accommodation providers and hospitals; we are are not affiliated or aligned with any aged care provider or financial organisation. Your receive unbiased quality advice based upon knowledge and experience.

Aged Care Placement

Finding the best care and accommodation solution. Negotiating the price of the accommodation. Completing the application paperwork.

Are you moving to retirement living, serviced apartment, assisted living, supported residential service or Commonwealth residential care home?

Senior Moves can help you by:

  • Understanding your unique family needs and placement preferences
  • Securing the best accommodation options available
  • In the most timely manner - we usually complete a placement in less than half the time that a family will take
  • Making sure all steps are considered and application paperwork is completed correctly
  • Negotiating the accommodation fees and charges to ensure an affordable outcome
  • The experienced Senior Moves team have been helping families through the aged care placement process since 2002.

Relocation Management Services

Clearing and cleaning the property for sale or rental. Packing and Arranging for the move.

Are you moving from the family home to retirement living, serviced apartment, or a Commonwealth residential care home?

Senior Relocation Couple

Senior Moves can help you by:

  • Completing an inventory of items that you will be taking, gifting to family members, donating to charities, or removal of unwanted items
  • Preparing floor plans for your new accommodation so that we minimise moving of beds and furniture arrangements
  • Pack and unpack, using professional packing materials
  • Coordinating quality transport and logistics
  • Clearing and Cleaning the family home
  • Preparation of your former home for sale or rental

Need a placement in the holiday season?

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Aged Care Placement Services

Understanding the Available Options

The family information session will provide you with up-to-date and unbiased information about your local residential care options

Finding the Aged Care Home

The facility shortlist will help match the right aged care home to your individual family needs and preferences in a timely manner.

Negotiating the Accommodation Fees

The RAD Negotiation service has helped many families reduce the accommodation charges and any additional service fees.

Application and Admission

Making sure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner.

Post Placement Settling In

We can assist with the settling in period to ensure that all items are fully covered.

Relocation Management

Relocation Management will help you carefully disperse, pack, clean, arrange transport and unpack.

Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020

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Independent and experienced assistance.

Covid-19 and the Royal Commission into Aged Care have increased awareness regarding aged care homes.

This has reinforced the benefit of seeking independent and experienced assistance when placing a loved one into an aged care home.

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