Placement Advice and Relocation Services

Placement Advice and Relocation Services
Servicing Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

Placement Advice and Fee Negotiation

Senior Moves provides aged care placement services designed for families who appreciate a guide, advocate and negotiator during the aged care placement process. Our services have been developed and refined over the many years that we have been helping family and referral clients – we started helping families with residential care placement in 2002.

Relocation Services

If your elderly relative is moving from their family home to a retirement village, assisted living or aged care home in a nearby suburb; or making the major move interstate to be closer to family; the process is usually emotionally challenging and physically exhausting.

Any relocation situation requiring an elderly person to be moving from their own family home, will see them wishing for all those personal items collected over a lifetime and the cherished memories to be respected and to remain intact for as long as possible.

While the adult children want to make sure that the move goes smoothly, in relation to health, finances and duration. Having a single point of contact to coordinate the move for an elderly relative will help you and your loved one greatly. Your relative will appreciate a helping hand to properly plan; identify items to be moved, donated or disposed of; professionally pack, arrange trusted transport and set up the new living arrangements.