Urgent Aged Care Placement ?

Urgent Aged Care Placement

You have been losing sleep - up all night caring for a loved one and you are finding it increasingly difficult and stressful

You have become a carer for your relative and it is harming your relationship with them.

The hospital has just told you that your loved one has to leave but you are unable to meet their care needs at home, even with a home care package

Home care works during the day, but at night time there is no support

Does this sound like your situation?

Are you finding it hard to care for a loved one and need some urgent support?

Senior Moves can achieve a prompt and proper aged care placement for you

Interim and Transition Care

If you are concerned about leaving someone alone, or they need to be in a more secure environment, we have the resources, detailed knowledge and contacts to move immediately to place the person into interim care.

This option is available while we assess what the best outcome for that person until a permanent care placement becomes available, or until the person improves enough to return home.

If your loved one is anxious and you need to get them out of harm's way, don't take the risk of leaving them in a vulnerable situation.

If you need to access emergency care for someone who can't return home for any reason, we can help.

We are here to help

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