Complete Placement Service

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Complete Placement Service

Senior Moves complete placement service is perfect for families who require the support of an experienced placement co-ordinator and advocate from start to finish of the placement process.

All the research and paperwork are completed accurately and promptly for you.

Your complete placement service will include:

  • Collection of family requirements and preferences
  • Preparation of the facility shortlist
  • Arrangement of facility visits to meet the care team and assess the care and lifestyle services provided at the preferred aged care homes.
  • Completion of all application and admission paperwork.
  • Negotiation of RAD and additional service fees and detailed explanation of care and accommodation fees.

Your family is assigned a residential care placement manager who has responsibility for all activities and the timetable related to arranging a successful placement.

The benefit of the complete service is that your family has peace of mind that the task is being managed by an experienced placement consultant.