TLC Mordialloc Whitewater

84 White Street Mordialloc 3196

Open Now

New Aged Care Home

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater

Open Now

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater is an innovative, sparkling new aged care home located at 84 White Street Mordialloc 3196

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater is a Commonwealth subsidised and regulated aged care home (150 rooms) with hotel-style comfort and service.

The management of TLC Mordialloc Whitewater have many decades of experience, from clinical care and lifestyle activities to quality hotel services.

TLC Whitewater - Building External

TLC Whitewater - Building External

Moving into a residential aged care home is a major event in any person’s life journey and it can be a stressful time for the carer's and family. TLC Mordialloc (Whitewater) assists the new resident through the initial period of adjustment by developing a relationship of ongoing communication between you, your family and the staff.

Dollars to Care

Dollars to Care is the Australian Government's groundbreaking analysis tool designed to bring financial transparency to the aged care sector.

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Private Dining Room

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater - Private Dining Area

There is a lot of information to be absorbed and sometimes this can be overwhelming. TLC Mordialloc Whitewater are able to answer many of the questions that you or your family might have and help you quickly make the transition to settle to your new home at TLC Mordialloc Whitewater.

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater Features

Located opposite Woodlands Golf Course in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Mordialloc, TLC Healthcare’s latest development incorporates a residential aged care home alongside a child care centre, community medical centre, commercial health club, swimming pool and café. Open Now, this bold new development is the first time this range of intergenerational care services have been offered in one location by a single provider.

Residents of the latest aged care home in the TLC network will have access to a unique range of services including:

  • a memory support environment where a highly trained team applies an innovative approach to meeting the needs of people living with dementia
  • registered nurses on-duty 24 hours a day supported by enrolled nurses, personal care staff, physiotherapists, podiatrists and dietitians
  • in-room sensory flooring, emergency call buttons and CCTV that alert staff the instant residents require assistance
  • a virtual reality cinema where residents can immerse themselves in state-of-the-art virtual reality experiences
  • innovative virtual interactive wall technology promoting indoor physical activities for the residents and children
  • TLC Wellbeing an exciting series of social and fitness activities tailored to residents’ hobbies, interests and abilities, including intergenerational interaction with the children attending the child care centre
  • a fully equipped café where residents can relax and entertain their guests
  • a beauty salon offering a range of hairdressing, nail and beauty services
  • an appropriately fitted bus to transport the residents to outings and events
  • the option to have Foxtel’s Standard Aged Care Package or Premium Aged Care Package in the residents’ rooms
  • TLC Healthcare Rewards a membership program that gives residents and their families access to offers and discounts at Australia’s largest retailers

Lobby near Reception

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater Lobby near Reception

Dining Area

TLC Mordialloc Whitewater - Dining Area


TLC Mordialloc Whitewater - Cafe

Types of Care Provided

  • Residential aged care
  • Respite care
  • Palliative Care


TLC Mordialloc Whitewater - Bedroom

Located close to the entrance, the heart of TLC Mordialloc is the café. The café provides you with a functional and comfortable space to relax and entertain your guests. Social gatherings and activities in the café are also a great opportunity for you to make new friends.

The café offers modern functional kitchen with microwave, cooktop, dishwasher, and an espresso machine delivering fine quality beverages. There is also a range of cutlery and crockery available in the café for you and your visitors to use.

The espresso machine and snacks available in the TLC café are free to residents and their visitors.


84 White Street Mordialloc 3196 Victoria

Residents: 150 Rooms

Type: Commonwealth Regulated and Subsidised

Provider: TLC Aged Care

RAD/DAP Conversion

        Select RAD Amount: $


        Lump Sum RAD Paid : $

DAP :$20.20 per day

Interest rate (MPIR) is: 8.34%pa
(effective 1st April 2024)

MPIR reducing to 8.34% pa

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) will reduce to 8.34% pa from

For a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $550,000 the equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) reduces to $125.67 pd ($45,870 pa).

The Reserve Bank has kept the cash rate on hold for a few months, so we are seeing a very small decrease in the MPIR. This could mean that the MPIR has reached its peak and could be on the slide down.

Also from 1st April 2024, the refurbished Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) rate of $68.14 means an equivalent Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC) of $298,215. In June 2022 the RAC was $544,719, meaning that aged care homes that are “RAD-focused” are now less likely to look at fully supported / partially supported residents if the aged care home has already exceeded their 40% supported ratio, as the RAC has now dropped below $300,000.

The change in the MPIR to 8.34% is welcomed but should have no major impact on residents as they enter an aged care home from

Learn about RAD, DAP and MPIR ...

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Mordialloc Medical Centre

TLC Primary Care provides a state-of-the-art medical centre conveniently located on McCaffery Place, off White Street (entry via Manikato Avenue) in Mordialloc. Focused on family medicine and caring for the older residents in the local community, the medical centre offers general practitioner consultations, physiotherapy, allied health and nursing services.

The medical centre is co-located with TLC Mordialloc (Whitewater), a quality residential aged care, TLC Early Learning – Mordialloc, a unique early learning centre offering an intergenerational program, a health club (TLC Health Clubs) and a café (The Village Café) that are available to the public.