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Coorondo Home

597 Warrigal Road Ashwood Vic 3147

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Coorondo Home

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Coorondo Home - Aged Care Placement

Are you considering an aged care placement at Coorondo Home ?.

There is an easier way - Senior Moves have been placing residents into aged care since 2002, and have knowledge and experience to help with your decisions about Coorondo Home .

Why not use our experience and assistance prior to making a major decision about aged care for your elderly relative ?

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Coorondo Home - Contact Details

Coorondo Home

Address: 597 Warrigal Road Ashwood Vic 3147

Phone: (03) 9885 5790

Category: Supported Residential Service

Registered Provider: Perfume Health Care

Fee Type: Pension Level

Coorondo Home - Location Map

Make an informed decision about Coorondo Home

Coorondo Home
  • We provide you with independent and unbiased advice about Coorondo Home and other aged care homes in Ashwood .
  • Explaining strengths and weaknesses of different providers so that you can make an accurate comparison between Coorondo Home and other aged care homes in the Ashwood area . (We provide a useful checklist of important features that you must consider).
  • Matching the appropriate aged care homes to your family requirements, preferences and timetable.
  • Arranging facility tours to Coorondo Home , including transport if requested, and accompanying the family during the important step of selecting the right aged care home for your relative.
  • Accurately complete and lodge all application and admission paperwork required at Coorondo Home .
  • Achieve fast notice and response to aged care home vacancies at Coorondo Home through our trusted network.
  • Provide support and advocacy during the settling in period and sometimes long after the aged care home placement has been completed.

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