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Current Aged Care Fees and Charges
Residential Care

Current Aged Care Fees and Charges  - from 20th September 2019

Fees and Charges from 20th September 2019

Fee/Charge/ThresholdRate ($)
Basic Daily Care Fee (Standard Resident Contribution)51.63
Income Free Area (single person)27,463.80
Income Free Area (couple, illness separated, single rate)26,943.80
Residential Care Means Test
        Asset Free Threshold49,500
        First Asset Threshold169,079.20
        Second Asset Threshold408,237.60
Family Home Exemption Cap169,079.20
Cap on Means Tested Care Fee Payments
        Annual Cap27,754.52
        Lifetime Cap66,610.90
Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR)5.54%
Minimum Permissible Asset Level this is the minimum amount of assets a resident must be left with if they pay at least part of their accommodation costs by refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)49,500
Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) this is the maximum amount that can be charged for a room without prior approval from the Aged Care Pricing Commissioner550,000

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Residential Care Fees and Charges (September 2019)

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