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Lionsbrae Hostel
29 Everard Road RINGWOOD EAST 3135

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Facilities and Services

Ralac’s Lionsbrae, located at 29 Everard Rd, East Ringwood offers accommodation and care for 69 residents.

Ralac is a not for profit community based organisation providing aged care and affordable community housing. Originally established by the Maroondah Lions Clubs, Ralac is now managed by an independent Board of Management, the members of which are drawn from the community.

With a strong focus on equity, ralac strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Creating communities based on understanding and respect is at the core of their work.

Lionsbrae is different from other aged care homes because it was established by the community for the community. The warm, homelike environment is the first thing that greets you when they walk in the door. At Lionsbrae they genuinely strive to respect each person’s choice and individuality. The friendly home does not compromise on clinical care with Registered Nurses employed around the clock.

Ralac has recently been recognised as a specialised provider of aged care to people from a background of homelessness or who have been at the risk of homelessness. The Commonwealth Government has granted Lionsbrae 14 aged care places specifically for people from these backgrounds. With the new places came capital funding to construct a new 15 bed unit, as well as refurbishment of the existing facilities.

Ralac is delighted to be recognised as a provider of aged care to people from a background of disadvantage and in particular homelessness as homelessness is now impacting on more and more older people.

Criteria for entry: An Aged Care Assessment stating that the prospective resident is eligible for residential care. A Centrelink means test assessment (available on the Centrelink website). Residents who are not supported may be asked to pay an accommodation payment up to the maximum amount of $550,000

Rooms in Melaleuca are contained in a 12 bedroom Unit, specifically designed to offer care and accommodation to younger people. Rooms are of an older style, but extremely homelike. All rooms are freshly painted before new occupancy. Lionsbrae prides itself on integration of rooms with surrounding gardens and the use of natural light. All rooms have hydronic heating and ceiling fans, windows are able to be opened.

Rooms in Grevillea are contained in a 10 bedroom Dementia Care Specific Unit, specifically designed to offer care and accommodation to people experiencing dementia. Rooms are of an older style, but extremely homelike. All rooms are freshly painted before new occupancy. Lionsbrae prides itself on integration of rooms with surrounding gardens and the use of natural light. All rooms have hydronic heating and ceiling fans, windows are able to be opened.

Communal areas use natural light, are homelike, have hydronic heating and airconditioning and offer views onto the garden. Lionsbrae offers shared dining/ lounge area, activities room , tea bays and recessed wall nooks to take in the sun. Gardens offer BBQ, designated smoking areas, kitchen gardens, pergola etc. With an emphasis on the natural world the gardens include a chicken house and rabbit enclosure. Golden Wattle Couples offers 2 rooms, shared ensuite and small entry foyer. These 2 rooms are particularly suitable for couples as they have one entry door for the small apartment.

Melaleuca lounge includes games, access to free computer and wi fi and age appropriate movies and activities. Lionsbrae strives to be as evocative of the traditional domestic garden as possible embracing the concept of self sufficiency.

MPIR reducing to 8.34% pa

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) will reduce to 8.34% pa from

For a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $550,000 the equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) reduces to $125.67 pd ($45,870 pa).

The Reserve Bank has kept the cash rate on hold for a few months, so we are seeing a very small decrease in the MPIR. This could mean that the MPIR has reached its peak and could be on the slide down.

Also from 1st April 2024, the refurbished Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) rate of $68.14 means an equivalent Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC) of $298,215. In June 2022 the RAC was $544,719, meaning that aged care homes that are “RAD-focused” are now less likely to look at fully supported / partially supported residents if the aged care home has already exceeded their 40% supported ratio, as the RAC has now dropped below $300,000.

The change in the MPIR to 8.34% is welcomed but should have no major impact on residents as they enter an aged care home from

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29 Everard Road , RINGWOOD EAST , 3135, VIC

Residents: 69

Type: Community Based

Ringwood Area Lions Aged Care Inc

Lionsbrae Hostel
Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality and Safety Agency

RAD/DAP Conversion

        Select RAD Amount: $


        Lump Sum RAD Paid : $

DAP :$20.20 per day

Interest rate (MPIR) is: 8.34%pa
(effective 1st April 2024)

Aged Care Placement Services

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Finding the Right Home

The facility shortlist will help match the right aged care home to your individual family needs.

Negotiating the Fees

The RAD Negotiation service has helped many families reduce the accommodation charges.

Admission Forms

Making sure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner.

Settling In

Senior Moves can help with the settling in period to ensure that all items are fully covered.

Relocation Management

Relocation Management will help you carefully disperse, pack, clean, arrange transport and unpack.

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Aged Care Star Rating System

Where can I find the Star Ratings?

From , the Government has started to use the STAR RATING system for registered aged care homes (new homes will be allocated a Star Rating after 12 months of operation).

Star Ratings are displayed on the Aged Care Provider Search within the My Aged Care website.

The Star Rating is based upon 5 levels with the middle rating denoting only a minimum baseline of ‘Acceptable’ care quality and services.

Continuous Improvement

The Star Rating System has revealed that 41 % of aged care homes are performing at a 5-star (excellent) or 4-star (good) level.

Star Ratings also reveal that astonishingly 5 % are performing below the minimum standards set, receiving a dismal and disturbing (Improvement Needed) or (Significant Improvement Needed) Star Rating.

Star Rating Support

We support full public disclosure of those aged care homes that are making the effort to exceed the regulated standards and community expectations.

We also support the naming of aged care homes that do not currently provide quality levels of aged care services to the frail elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

The Star Rating system is a key component of the aim for continuous improvement to our aged care system.

Total Homes in each Star Rating level

54 homes
2.16 %

964 homes
38.56 %

1357 homes
54.28 %

Improvement Needed
119 homes
4.76 %

Significant Improvement Needed
6 homes
0.24 %

TOTAL Homes 2500