Aged Care Placement and Senior Relocation
Senior Moves - Aged Care Placement and Relocation Services
Senior Moves - Aged Care Placement and Relocation Services

Moving to a Serviced Apartment

Moving to Retirement Living - Serviced Apartment

Whether you are moving to an independent retirement unit, assisted living, or serviced apartment there are many items to consider and to complete.

  • How much furniture will I be able to take ?

  • Can I take my own bed and comfortable chair ?

  • What is the floor plan and layout ?

  • Will my furniture fit in ?

We have a wide understanding of all of the concerns and the tasks that need to be completed and we can do the bulk of the work for you. This means that you can focus on the emotional and personal needs of your elderly loved one.

That’s where SENIOR MOVES can help you:

  • Declutter, catalogue and sort your belongings, with or without your attendance

  • Carefully pack, arrange trusted transport and unpack in the new home

  • Value and considerately dispose of your items

  • Deliver your unsalable items to various charities of your choice

  • Remove all items deemed as unsalvagable

  • Supply wholesale priced boxes and packaging materials

  • Make sure that the home is “spick and span” for sale or future use

  • Let us reduce the emotional and physical work involved in relocating to a retirement village or assisted living apartment

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