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Nazareth House Camberwell Nursing Home

Facilities and Services

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Nazareth House Camberwell is a 100 bed accredited residential aged care facility founded in 1929 providing care to residents of all faiths and denominations.

Located within spacious grounds in the leafy suburb of Camberwell and within close proximity to local amenities and transport links with ample onsite parking.

The community of Sisters provides spiritual, pastoral and emotional support to residents. Daily mass, rosary and other services are celebrated onsite in our expansive and recently renovated chapel which will always be at the heart of our Nazareth community.

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Nazareth House Camberwell has different room presentations. All residents receive the same quality of individualised care and support from employees and the Sisters. Residents at Nazareth House are encouraged to personalise their room by bringing in photos and mementos.

Sisters of Nazareth and employees of Nazareth House provide direct care and support to residents with access to physiotherapy, medical, dental and other allied health services. The House also has an onsite pharmacy, hairdressing salon and a convenience shop. The property has outdoor areas for residents to relax and socialise in a peaceful and calm environment. There is ample onsite parking for visitors.

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Care Services

Individualised and specialised nursing and personal care is delivered to residents by appropriately qualified/trained employees based on the assessed needs of the resident.

The nursing and personal care structure of Nazareth Care comprises:

  • Care Service Manager (Registered Nurse)
  • Clinical Care Coordinator (Registered Nurse)
  • Registered Nurses
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Personal Care Attendants
  • A Registered Nurse is on site 24 hours a day, with the ability to call the Care Services Manager and Clinical Care Coordinator for guidance and support with clinical decision making when required.

All employees receive ongoing training and education in relation to nursing, care and service delivery.

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Pastoral Care

All faiths and denominations are welcome at Nazareth House. The faith and religious practices of all residents are respected. Religious Ministers are contacted at the request of the residents and or their representative/s. Other religious services are offered on a regular basis. Notification of these services will be made available to residents.

The facility has a chapel located to the right of the main entrance.

Notice boards list the times of daily Mass and other religious services. The residents families and representatives are welcome to join the resident.

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History of Nazareth House Camberwell

Summary : Nazareth House in Camberwell opened in 1929 as a Home for the aged. From 1953 and 1956, Nazareth House received 53 female child migrants from Britain. From 1958, Nazareth House also received girls and boys from Victoria. Residential care for children at Nazareth House ceased in 1975.

Nazareth House opened in 1929, originally as an institution for the care of the aged.

The Sisters of Nazareth received a grant from the Victorian government in February 1949. The money funded building works at Nazareth House in Camberwell, where it was envisaged that 150 migrant girls from the United Kingdom would be accommodated. In 1953, a new wing was added to Nazareth House to accommodate migrant girls. Between 1953 and 1956, Nazareth House received 53 female child migrants from Britain.

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From 1958, Nazareth House also received girls and boys from all over Victoria. In 1962, only 6 child migrants remained at Nazareth House Camberwell. The institution was approved to accommodate wards of state in 1962 - girls aged between 2 and 15, and boys aged between 2 and 9. According to the Finding Records website, this enabled some Catholic siblings to remain together. The website also states that in 1962, 'capacity was limited to about 60 children in congregate care in the large complex that still also housed the elderly'.

Residential care for children at Nazareth House Camberwell ceased in 1975. The Sisters increased its commitment to providing aged care from that time onwards.

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One submission to the 2004 Senate Inquiry from a former child migrant described her time at Nazareth House Camberwell as 'a very painful period in my life to talk about in fact I still have nightmares especially when I have to revisit memories. I have come to realise that we were never children. We were an unpaid workforce, with no reward just punishment' (Submission 169).

Another submission described abuse in Nazareth House including force feeding, beatings and the use of restraints on girls who lived there (Submission 5).

An article from 2015 contained an allegation that the Sisters of Nazareth were impeding investigations into historic sexual abuse by nuns against children who lived in Nazareth House Camberwell (King, 2015).

In 2013 the site houses Nazareth Care Camberwell, an aged care facility run by the Sisters of Nazareth.


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16 Cornell Street , CAMBERWELL , 3124, VIC

Residents: 100

Type: Religious

Nazareth Care

Nazareth House Camberwell
Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality Agency

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