Supported Residential Services in Victoria

Supported Residential Services (SRS) in Victoria

A Supported Residential Service (SRS) is a privately run business, providing accommodation and support to people who can no longer live independently at home. SRS businesses that cater for the elderly generally provide a similar level of care to that of government-funded low-level residential care. SRS businesses operate in the community in purpose-built facilities or modified buildings. Whatever the type of building, SRS proprietors must provide a home-like environment for those in their care.

Supported Residential Service SRS in Victoria

Supported residential service facilities do not receive government funding, but must be registered by the Victorian state government and are independently monitored to ensure that they meet specific standards of care and accommodation to those in their care. There are currently 125 SRS facilities registered with the Department of Health ranging from small facilities accommodating as few as five people, to large facilities with up to 90 residents. SRS facilities often cater for particular groups such as the aged or intellectually disabled.

Who owns and operates SRS's?

SRS businesses are owned by a person or company (called the proprietor) who is granted a certificate by the Department of Health allowing them to operate the SRS establishment. A proprietor may also manage the SRS. SRS businesses are required to employ a qualified personal care coordinator who coordinates care for all residents. The proprietor may also be the personal care coordinator if suitably qualified.

There must be at least one staff member for every 30 residents, extra staff to provide adequate levels of care for residents, and at least one staff member on site overnight to respond to the resident's care needs and to ensure their safety.

An aged care assessment undertaken by ACAS is not required for entry into an SRS. If however the individual has had an aged care assessment recently undertaken, then this can be a useful tool for the SRS manger in determining their ability to care for the individual. The SRS will do their own assessment to determine if the facility can cater for the individual or not.

SRS businesses are able to set their own fees and charges. The range of fees can be anywhere from about 85% of the pension up to $1,000 per week or more. Before choosing an SRS, make sure you understand all the fees and charges that apply. Or talk with us and we can help you understand and compare the fees

List of Supported Residential Services

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